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Australia’s favourite teeth whitening brand.

Since White Glo’s founding in 1993, we are globally recognised as the most specialised and complete brand in teeth whitening covering a large array of products to achieve that beautiful white smile. Over this time we’ve been the fortunate winners of numerous prestigious awards from independent consumer trials as testament to all our hard work on R&D.

Our success largely ties in with the specialised formulations originally developed for Australian actors, actresses and models who work hard to look their best. It was from there we decided to make our products accessible to everyone and our results speak for themselves - over 25 years and 50+ countries later with 10,000+ 5 star reviews across all our products.

One of the fastest growing brands in oral care.

White Glo is the fastest growing brand in the oral care category despite being in a highly competitive segment competing against major international brands. What’s our secret? It is our pursuit of innovation excellences that delivers exciting products to the oral care aisle in supermarkets and pharmacies.

White Glo and our export distributors have successfully been able to deliver category growth and profitability to our major retailers around the world.

Over 25+ years and 30 countries.

With over 25 years of experience, White Glo has perfected manufacturing and logistics capabilities to ship our products to every corner of the globe each and every day. White Glo has a strong presence in 30 countries in the UK/EU, Asia, Middle East, the Americas and recently South America.

White Glo’s latest innovative technologies are helping everyone become their most confident selves with our latest innovations in oral care and teeth whitening.

Proven success.

Among oral care brands, White Glo has the highest consumer satisfaction and even higher consumer loyalty. This comes down to our proven formula of obsessive consumer centric focus combined with our creative marketing support which brings excitement to retail stores leading to higher sales and profit. Our export business team is ready to discuss with you the opportunities in your region.