Which White Glo Toothpaste is right for you?

You want whiter teeth, but you’re not sure which one of White Glo’s six options are going to give you the brighter, more confident smile you deserve! Whether you’re after a more intense whitening product or a toothpaste that targets specific areas of oral health, White Glo can ensure effective but most importantly everyday, safe teeth whitening.


Whilst each of our offerings targets a different facet of dental health, there are some commonalities between all the variants.


Every tube of White Glo toothpaste includes our 5x Whiter Technologies – a market leading combination of natural enzymes, polishing particles, and other whitening ingredients. Whilst other consumer brands may only use a couple of ingredients, our toothpaste has five active whitening ingredients combined into a single formula - leaving you with that White Glo smile.


With our 5x Whiter Technologies taking care of teeth whitening, our 6 Points of Protection focus on dental hygiene and all aspects required to maintain the health of your teeth. Through the combination of these technologies, our toothpastes provide you with the safe and effective teeth whitening we all deserve.


Below are the different options of our famous whitening toothpastes and a brief description on why they might be the right choice for you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team who can advise on which White Glo whitening toothpaste is most suitable for you at customer.service@whiteglo.com


Professional White Product ShotProfessional White Whitening Toothpaste

Our advanced whitening toothpaste – incorporating our 5x whiter technologies and 6 points of daily protection to bring you whiter teeth in just 3 days. Our Professional White Whitening Toothpaste is best suited to individuals requiring a more thorough whitening to conquer their smile and light up the room.


Charcoal Product ShotCharcoal Deep Stain Remover Whitening Toothpaste

Our incredible whitening toothpaste with activated charcoal particles – naturally penetrating your teeth to draw out the stains. Recommended for those with stubborn stains on your teeth, the activated charcoal within our toothpaste will leave you with the pearly whites you’re asking for.


Tartar Control Product ShotTartar Control Whitening Toothpaste

Improve the whiteness of your smile with our Tartar Control whitening toothpaste, specifically targeting cavities and tartar build-up. For those who need an added layer of protection against cavities and tartar build-up whilst also being empowered to be the best version of yourself.


Gum Health Whitening Toothpaste

Our traditional whitening toothpaste with a focus on your gum health – a unique formulation to fight plaque bacteria and improve the health of your gum line. Recommended for those who have sensitive gums or a receding gum line - your teeth will be back to normal in no time!


Enamel Care Product ShotEnamel Care Whitening Toothpaste

This is the whitening toothpaste of choice for people to prevent tooth decay. Formulated with a maximum dose of fluoride, your teeth will be restored whilst also whitened when using our enamel care product. Learn to eat your favourite foods that your dentist warned you about without fear - choose our Enamel Care whitening toothpaste to enjoy those foods as you once did.


Ultra Fresh Whitening Toothpaste

A whitening toothpaste with built-in mouthwash – delivering a powerful clean and extra fresh breath. Bid farewell to bad breath and yellow teeth with our unique Ultra Fresh blend. Best for those who interact with others heavily throughout the day - be confident in yourself and your breath with Ultra Fresh.