Ultimate Teeth Whitening Routine

The Ultimate Teeth Whitening Routine

Have you been looking for the easiest, most convenient way to get a brighter smile?

Have you been looking for the easiest, most convenient way to get a brighter smile? If so, then look no further! In this article, we will be discussing exactly what it takes to achieve that luminous smile that you’ve always wanted. From recommendations on products and tips on application, you’ll have everything you need right here to get started on your new teeth whitening journey!

Here’s the ultimate teeth whitening routine that will help you reach your goal in no time at all! So sit back, relax, and let’s dive in!

Daily Brushing

Daily brushing 

When it comes to maintaining beautiful teeth, your goal should be finding a routine that works best for you. Brushing your teeth is one of those habits that’s easy to stick with (like flossing), because there’s no one right way to do it: what matters is that you do it. And regularly.

Bacteria cause tooth decay and plaque buildup. If left untreated, bacteria can lead to gingivitis or worse. By brushing your teeth, you’re able to remove most of that bacteria and slow down tooth decay. Brushing also helps whiten your teeth by removing stains caused by leftover food particles.

Brushing your teeth thoroughly twice daily is key to keeping your pearly whites healthy and bright. If you’re looking for an even more thorough cleaning experience, try brushing your teeth after each meal. This will help remove even more plaque from hard-to-reach spots on your molars. Brush with our Professional Choice Teeth Whitening Toothpaste to really ramp up your results. 

Find the right brush

Find the right brush

A toothbrush like our Accelerator LED Toothbrush can help reach all those hard-to-reach areas, making your teeth noticeably whiter. The best part: It’s more effective than regular brushes when it comes to removing plaque and getting rid of food particles. As if that wasn’t enough motivation to swap out your old brush for an electric one now, using dentist technology, the blue light spectrum from the micro-sonic toothbrush helps to activate the White Glo White Boost Serum to accelerate the removal of years of stains, yellowing and discolouration.  

A quick whitening fix

A quick whitening fix

So you’ve been looking around, doing your research on the best way to whiten your teeth? There are so many options, but which will work best for you? Your dentist has probably recommended over-the-counter remedies or even in-office procedures, but there are many more affordable ways to get that pearly white smile you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. 

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable at-home whitening solution, look no further than White Glo Accelerator. The gentle peroxide formula works with your body to slowly break down surface stains so that they can be washed away with each brush—so there’s no sensitivity or irritation along your gum line like some more abrasive whiteners can cause. The blue LED light works to activate the gel for brighter results.



First and foremost, you should consider using a high quality mouthwash after every meal or before bed. Mouthwash will also eliminate any food particles left in your mouth from chewing. For best results and fresh breath while whitening, we suggest our White Glo Charcoal Bad Breath Eliminator mouthwash