Ranked: Top 5 Smiles of The Squid Game Cast

5. Lee Byung-hun

He may play a villain in Squid Game, but Lee Byung-hun’s charming smile is far from devilish. Not only does he have the perfect row of pearly whites, but the way he smiles is so disarming!

4. Yeong-su

The type of smile you can’t help but return! Yeong-su’s joyful grin is inviting and infectious - you can tell he’d have some great stories to share.

3. HoYeon Jung

The stunning girl who stole our hearts (and at moments terrified us...) during her acting debut in Squid Game. HoYeon Jung is well known for her cool, steely modeling poses, but we love seeing her playful side shine through when she smiles!

2. Wi Ha-joon

If smiles could kill! We love how friendly and earnest Wi Ha-joon’s smile is. If you look closely, you can see a cheeky twinkle in his eye. Dreamy, or what?

1. Lee Jung-jae

Our favourite smile of the bunch. Lee Jung-Jae’s good-guy grin has some modesty behind it. He looks kind, approachable and oh-so charming!

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