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Teeth Whitening Products

The teeth whitening kit is fast becoming one of Australia’s most popular ways of improving your smile in the comfort of your own home. Usually consisting of a mouth tray and whitening gel, it’s an easy-to-use alternative to a dentist teeth whitening kit. Here's how a home teeth whitening kit from White Glo can help boost your smile in just a few easy steps.

How do teeth whitening kits work?

The most simple teeth whitening kit uses a mouth tray filled with whitening gel to be inserted in your mouth for just a few minutes a day.

The fast-acting formula of the whitening gel means that your teeth may appear up to eight shades lighter in only seven days.

Other kits work on the same principle but use a blue light unit to activate the whitening process. Powder, strips, and oil-based systems are other methods of whitening your teeth easily at home. 

Benefits of a home teeth whitening kit

There are many advantages of using a home teeth whitening kit, not least its simplicity and the ability to carry out your session in the comfort of your own home.

The whitening gel is made using gentle ingredients and gives you a pain-free experience.

If you’re using a kit activated by blue light, the built-in timer means that there is no danger of you leaving the whitening gel on too long.

And you will see results from the very first application, with noticeable results after only seven days’ use.

Which teeth whitening kit is best for me?

The White Glo Diamond Series Whitening System is an excellent introduction to teeth whitening at home.

Consisting of whitening gel and an instant-fit mouth tray to accommodate all mouth shapes, this kit enhances your smile with only five to 15 minutes’ use a day for a week. The White Glo Toothpaste is also included in the kit to boost your whitening experience.

Our Accelerator Teeth Whitening Kit uses a blue light spectrum to whiten your teeth. Just fill the mouth tray with gel, insert in your mouth, and turn on the light unit so the kit can work its magic in only 10 minutes a day.

How do I get my teeth whitening kit in Australia?

White Glo stocks a range of safe, effective, and simple-to-use teeth whitening kits for use at home, with delivery all over Australia. Browse our range or contact us to learn more.