We are all connected to the environment, here's how White Glo is doing its part!

Environmental care with White Glo

With each passing day, it becomes more and more clear that our planet, the only one we have to live on, is under some threat from us—humans. We have no choice but to do our part in preserving the environment or risk being left with nothing but disaster in the future. But how are we supposed to achieve this? There are quite a few things we can do, many of which are small but significant enough to make a difference if done by large groups of people or organisations. In this article, we’ll share some daily tips on how we can all contribute to a better environment around us.


What’s happening in our world?

There’s no denying that we have a global problem with pollution. Our environment will only continue to worsen if we don’t do something about it now. Luckily, we can be sustainable together—and one of those ways starts in our homes. Here at White Glo, we are committed to ensuring all of our oral care and bathroom items are not contributing to pollution of our waterways. 


We are all connected to the environment in some way, and it’s important to be aware of how the choices we make affect everything around us. We at White Glo are committed to being environmentally responsible and doing our part by taking major steps forward.


White Glo have partnered with CleanHub 

The Ocean Conservancy reports there are over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans today, and sadly, that figure is rapidly rising. White Glo has partnered with CleanHub to do our part and help combat plastic pollution of our oceans. For every White Glo product sold, CleanHub will remove 1 piece of rubbish from our oceans. In addition to this, if every individual does their part, together we can reverse sea level rise as well as contribute to a sustainable future for our generation and generations to come.


Small actions make a big difference – what you can do

Although it may be difficult for some people to go green for a number of reasons (sometimes personal, sometimes due to lack of money or resources), there are still ways you can do your part as an individual. Simple daily actions can have big results. Take a small example of what you can do if you have a yard; make sure that your grass clippings and leaves are put into compost bins and not thrown away in garbage bags. You can use these compost materials in your garden and they will help fertilise it while also reducing waste in landfills.


Ensuring you support companies with the right mission statements and stance on cleaning up the environment means making a difference with your purchase decisions. 


White Glo joining forces with CleanHub means we are committed to raising awareness about ocean conservation and clean-ups. Our aim is to create a brighter future with you!


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