Top 3 Tips For Landing a Second Date

While it’s relatively easy to land a first date these days (thanks, Tinder!), getting to the second date isn’t always a walk in the park. Things like chemistry, physical attraction, and humour all play a part in creating a budding connection, however experts in attraction have recently discovered a surprising dating dealbreaker - poor oral hygiene!

In fact, 52% of you would turn down a second date if your love interest had stained teeth, and a whopping 87% would end a date early if their love interest had bad breath. With that in mind, here are our top 3 dental tips for securing a second date.



Sure, the mysterious James Bond archetype may seem alluring, but if you’re hoping to land a long term partner, science says otherwise. When looking for love, we’re way more attracted to people who smile! Not only does smiling make you appear warm and approachable, it also suggests that you have an upbeat, fun side to your personality. Who wouldn’t want to show that off?

And what tops off a kind smile? White teeth. The results of a national survey in attraction has favoured white over stained teeth for those looking for a long term partner. If you’re in need of some serious stain removal, our bestselling Accelerator Teeth Whitening Kit is an effective option to get that smile white and date ready.



We’re just going to put it out there - bad breath ain’t cute on anyone.  Even if you’re not planning to pucker up with your date, clean teeth and fresh breath are an important thing to consider if you’re interacting with anyone face-to-face.

We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day with our Toothpaste range. Finish off with a swish of Charcoal Bad Breath Eliminating Mouthwash to make your breath extra fresh.



While flossing can sometimes seem like a chore, it could actually do you some favours in the dating department. Flossing clears your mouth of leftover food (how embarrassing!), and prevents anything getting stuck between teeth, which over time can lead to nasty breath. 

We suggest stashing a handful of dental flosser sticks in your pocket or purse, in case of any mid-date emergencies. We all know how difficult it can be to get rid of a stubborn sesame seed from between our teeth! 
Check out our convenient eco-friendly dental flossers.

Now that you’re equipped with some handy oral hygiene tips, you’re ready for a date! Remember to smile, check your breath, and keep those chompers in tiptop shape.