Whitening Toothbrush (Medium) with Stain Lifter

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Whitening Toothbrush (Medium) with Stain Lifter

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Product Description
White Glo’s unique brush has extra-condensed bristles using the highest quality US Du-Clean bristles help to polish teeth surfaces effectively without abrasion. With thirty eight precent more condensed bristles then a conventional toothbrush, White Glo's whitening toothbrush cleans deeper between teeth and gumlines.

 Product Features

  • The Micro-Polishing Particles in White Glo toothpaste work in conjunction with the extra-condensed bristles to gently lift stains, yellowing and discolouration. 
  • White Glo's convenient suction cup feature keeps your toothbrush high and dry feature – Stick your White Glo Toothbrush to your bathroom mirror so it dries quickly and avoids any nasty bacteria growing in unhygienic toothbrush holders.
  • Bonus dental precision Stain Lifter erases stains and plaque on teeth enamel quickly and effectively.